Decorating Mason Jars with Vintage Flair


The multipurpose transforming nature of mason jars lend themselves to the perfect party accessory. Reworking these classic jelly jars into statement centerpieces is truly magical and completely a designer’s fete.

I will show you how easily you can create simple Vintage Burlap and Lace flower vases to hand off to your florist to do the rest… meanwhile saving yourself tons of $$$ on design and the floral arrangement containers.Image


Supplies will depend on your theme particulars and number of centerpiece needed.

Purchase as many jars (come in various shapes & sizes) as you will need to decorate the guest tables, main tablescape, placecards table, gift table, game prize table & favor table.

Gather decorative string, lace, pearls, burlap bags, stickers, logos, slogans, buttons, ribbon, etc. in keeping within your party’s theme, to build out your jars layer on layer for a most professional authentic look.

You will also need hot glue, scissors & needle push pins.


I generally prefer to decorate my mason jars similarly but not identically in design for added uniqueness. Mostly using the same accessories and supplies, but working them a bit differently on each one. Added depth is achieved when a party guest notices a slight difference when glancing over from table to table, with chic continuity achieved by the actual florals arranged within.

A. Celebrating Burlap

I chose to decorate my larger and taller mason jars with burlap bags, because it was simply perfect to insert the jar directly into the baggie & tie off.ImageImageThen, I embellished the jar with large light and dark pink bows carefully hot gluing directly over the baggie tie for a cleaner look. I also used various ribbons to hang down the bows and even fastened little vintage stamps from the 1920’s era directly into the burlap fabric with a single pearled headed needle push pin. Image

B. Celebrating Gold Glittered Flowers

My smaller mason jars I contrasted to their larger counterparts with a clear look, decorated at only the bottle neck with ribbons, pearls and bows, and made them their own statement piece by hot gluing plastic glittered gold flowers.

The rest was easy. In came the florist, my magic worker, Ani Oganesyan of Pink Ginger Designs, who brought these precious little jars to life with her stunning blooms, nestled with roses, sprays, baby’s breath and hydrangeas.

Here’s the transformation at the venue.ImageBesides the standard centerpieces in the center of large circular tables seating 10 to 12 guests, we nestled mason jar arrangements on the placecard table, the game prize table and the main tablescape next to vintage perfume bottles for added symbolism of rose-like scent.


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