Vintage Doily Dessert & Cupcake Toppers

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A really popular party theme right now is Vintage Doilies, Lace & Pearls, and it’s an exciting theme to work through and put together. The great thing about a vintage theme, is that it’s not super specific, which lends itself to a variety of party styles, including adult milestone birthdays and bridal and baby showers. I mean who can get enough of these lush pinks, blushes, pearls and all things feminine and what better way to celebrate than with a throwback to this era?

In this post, I will walk you through how to re-create my Vintage Doily Dessert & Cupcake Toppers, which are completely extravagant and a true centerpiece on a plate and what’s more, you can use simple scrap booking materials, a few affordable items from the craft store, like Michael and a little TLC to assemble these stunners.


(Here is what I used, but many substitutions may be applied

IMG_2451  IMG_2450

4 in. Doilies, Craft Glue, Party Streamer Paper, Pearls (loose or on a string), Vintage Themed Scrap Paper (2 styles), Burlap Ribbon


First things first, get organized… figure out all the items you wish to use and spread them out on your work space. You will need to do some prep to make your life easier and speed up this process as well. I made 75 of these Vintage Doily Toppers for an upcoming Bridal Shower I am both designing and coordinating, and once I completed all my prep work, I was able to put together the toppers pretty fast.

The Prep:

(1) Separate the doilies from one another and set aside.

(2) Cut out the shapes you wish to use out of your scrapbook paper, making some larger than others, in order to be able to layer them onto one another in a petal sort of fashion. I made a combination of smooth edged smaller circles, and larger ribbed flower-like circles.

You can make your life easier with the use of a cutting stamp. Craft stores sell these cutting stamps in many shapes, sizes and with different bordered edges, and you get a lot of mileage out of these devices beyond this project.

(3) If you have pearls on a strand, you will need to cut individual pearls loose.


(4) Cut your party streamers in 12 inch pieces, and then fold each strand over and over, in half inches, like an accordion or a fan & set aside.

(5) Cut your burlap ribbon in 4 inch pieces, same diameter as your doilies, shaping both ends like pointed arrows.


Putting It All Together:

To bring these beautiful focal pieces to life, start with a blank doily, place craft glue in the center in a circular pattern and begin layering your materials, topping off the finished product with a center pearl stud affixed with glue. I made a couple variations.

One version incorporated the burlap ribbon. On top of a blank doily, I glued   IMG_2468 a scrap circle for the burlap ribbon to have some traction to stick to and affixed the arrow ended burlap right on top. I then layered IMG_2469 second and third scrap papers in alternating sizes from large to small to create a flower look, and finished my topper with a central pearl.

A second version involved gluing the accordion like streamer in a circular pattern along the inner perimeter of the doily, much like a fan, secured by more layers of scrap paper and polished off with a pearl.

A third version was a simplified take on the other two, with simple layerings of scrap sheets and pearl centers.

Once all the glue dried, I simply turned over all the doilies and attached toothpicks to the doilies half-way from the center down, so that they may be perched onto your selection of dessert for your upcoming Vintage party of choice.

Of course, each topper is unique and no two toppers will look exactly the same, but the consistency of the materials used and overall color scheme really lends itself to developing this Vintage throwback theme.

Stay tuned to see how these adorable little Vintage toppers AMAZE at the upcoming Bridal Shower I am designing and coordinating…


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